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49ers Wins Over/Under: What Would You Take On 7.5?

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The odds might move up or down a little bit as we approach the regular season, but for now the 49ers over/under sits at 7.5 wins. For those not familiar with gambling, you bet that the 49ers will either finish with more than 7.5 wins or less than 7.5 wins. If you bet more than 7.5 the payout is -130, which means you have to bet $130 to win $100. If you bet under 7.5 wins the payout is even money, thus meaning over is the "favorite" for now.

Given the 49ers 6-10 finish last year and the significant roster and coaching turnover this year, this seems like a tough bet to figure out. I like what the team brings to the table and I'm optimistic about the coming season, but this remains a tough one to figure out. After all, it could take the team some time to get everything in gear and get on the same page. The lack of much offseason workout doesn't necessarily mean they can't get it going right away, but it does make them a very unpredictable team once the season starts.

How many teams have as many question marks coming into the season? Every team has at least one question mark, but the 49ers have as many as anybody in the league. Maybe they find answers to those questions, maybe not. It just makes it that much harder to wager on them.

For comparison's sake, Arizona's over/under is at 6.5, Seattle is at 6.5 and St. Louis is at 7.5. It's interesting to note that the Rams and Seahawks under is the favorite, while the Arizona over is favored. That just shows how questionable the NFC West is in 2011.