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Josh McCown Chats With The Media

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The 49ers latest and greatest QB, Josh McCown, wrapped up his whirlwind day at the 49ers facility with a brief Q&A session with the local media. McCown caught a late flight out from North Carolina and took care of business earlier yesterday before jumping right into practice.

According to McCown, the big selling point in San Francisco was his work with QB coach Geep Chryst. McCown was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2002 and spent his first two seasons with Chryst as his QB coach. Although McCown hasn't had a ton of experience with the west coast offense, he's working too pick it all up.

The most pertinent question was about his expectations coming out to San Francisco. After all, the entire free world seems to have a pretty good idea that it would take a pretty sizable miracle for him to challenge for the starting QB job. Outside of injuries, he's looking at a job that will involve a lot of clipboard holding. He wasn't 100% to the point on this, but he appears to get the situation he's coming into in San Francisco.

What are his expectations with the 49ers?
"I'm expecting just to come in here, work hard, to help these guys having done this for 10 years. Trying to help these guys and support Alex and Kap and Mac and Jeremiah and help these guys get better. And myself - a chance to work with Geep again and a chance to work with someone like coach Harbaugh, which really excites me. Because I don't care what stage of your career you're in, you always want to get better. And so for me, to be around coach Harbaugh and to see him working with these quarterbacks and to be coached by a guy like that who's played the position and played at a high level is exciting. It's neat just to sit back and see him coach the other guys, much less myself. And I was very appreciative of the chance to be out here because I feel like whenever it is that I walk away from the game I will be better as a player."