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Bodog Lists 49ers As Co-Favorites In NFC West

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In a bit of a follow-up to this morning's post on the 49ers win total over/under, the folks at Bodog Sports have released updated NFL divisional odds. In what I consider a little bit of a surprise, the 49ers are listed as co-favorites with the Rams:

San Francisco 49ers: 37/20 (+185)
St. Louis Rams: 37/20 (+185)
Arizona Cardinals: 11/4 (+275)
Seattle Seahawks: 5/1 (+500)

Of all these teams, who do you think is the safest pick and who do you think is the best pick for the odds they're getting? The lack of a consensus favorite shows just how bunched up the division is. For comparison's sake, the Green Bay Packers are sitting at -220 to win the NFC North, with the Chicago Bears next at +450. Also, the San Diego Chargers are -240 to win the AFC West, with the Kansas City Chiefs next at +425.

I'd never bet on one of the other teams, but if I had to pick one, I might take the Cardinals. They've got plenty of question marks, including whether Kevin Kolb is legit and whether Beanie Wells can carry the load without Tim Hightower. There's a reason they're not a favorite in the division, but if you're willing to go out on a limb (and thus be ex-communicated from NN for betting against the 49ers), they might be the choice. And if you've got a "feeling" about Tavaris Jackson? Feel free to just flush your money down the toilet.