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Caption This: More Alex Smith Mileage

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Last week's Alex Smith Caption This was so much fun that I decided to give us another go. Of course, there was something about last week's photo that was just ripe for this kind of thing. It had the stink of a good Caption This photo. The small size almost deterred me, but it was so good that I couldn't sit there and dump my number two choice in your laps.

And this week, I'm hoping to keep the streak alive.


As I was saying: Last week's photo was really just inherently funny. This week's photo, admittedly, may call for a little more effort on our parts. What I find particularly funny about this photo isn't actually the content of the photo itself. It's that it is one of multiple photos taken during last week's game that are virtually identical. In fact, I thought they were all the same photo until I noticed that a different offensive lineman is whiffing a block in the background of each. I only wish I were exaggerating.

In this one, I like to think that Iupati is just kind of standing there, staring into the middle distance, thinking about art.

Poor, poor Alex Smith. Well, actually, he's quite rich. Which kind of makes me feel better for picking on him two weeks in a row. But just in case the scales aren't balanced, I will point out how he is stepping into this throw and how his eyes are downfield even at the moment of contact. Not bad, considering that a split second after this shot was taken, he was staring into the sky, wondering why there are more stars out than usual. In the Superdome.

Next week I'll give Alex Smith a break. We have the Raiders coming in, so there should be plenty of fresh Al Davis nightmare shots to spare.

As usual, use the comments to provide the funniest caption for this photo, and rec' the ones you like the most. Last week, LondonNiner made out with a whopping 32 rec's. And I couldn't even get ONE for my sweet call on Smith's pointy Vulcan ears. And you all call yourselves Trekkers. For shame.