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Golden Nuggets: Lots Of Praise For Chilo Rachal

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Morning, morning. I'd like to start with a reminder that I am extremely sarcastic and satirical at least 50% of the time. I say this because there was somebody tweeting me about things that I didn't ... quite understand, until I realized he had took something I wrote to mean something else. But really what he took it to mean was the literal meaning that I probably should have elaborated on. Niners Nation is growing every day and I suppose the Golden Nuggets, a daily post, is something that they'll be seeing. Just remember folks that I'm generally crazy, the majority of my actual, factual 49ers writing goes on at SB Nation Bay Area, here it's just me being me, love it or hate it. But of course you love it. Onto the 49ers linkage, of which there is ... I don't know, because I've been out all day. Enjoy.

Harbaugh takes new slant with 49ers receivers (

49ers camp report: Brooks, Rachal shine (

Chilo Rachal - New Body, new attitude (

49ers co-favorites to win NFC West (

Brock, Brown dueling for final spots in secondary (

Does signing of Josh McCown force 49ers to shorten leash on Alex Smith? (

You Can Vote To Get Patrick Willis, Jacoby Ford A 100 Rating In Madden NFL 12 (

49ers focus on getting top two QBs ready (

Harbaugh offers training-camp review after last 'practice' (

49ers notes: Harbaugh take no offense to two-way players (

Stock up, stock down (

Brooks thriving in practice (

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Matt Hasselbeck's issue with the 49ers? (

Another Chance to Impress (

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