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Ricky Jean Francois: Where Does The Peanut Butter Jelly Man Fit In?

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As has become an annual tradition, 49ers defensive lineman Ricky Jean Francois entertained folks with his peanut butter jelly time dance (thanks to all who linked to it). He previously performed it in London prior to the 49ers-Broncos game and debuted it in 2009 on an episode of The Joe Show.

On a slightly more important note, I'm curious how people see the 49ers utilizing RJF on Sundays. In 2010 he got all the first team nose tackle snaps while Aubrayo Franklin waited to sign his franchise tender. This year, RJF has gotten a mix of first team snaps at both nose tackle and left defensive end. He worked at first team left defensive end while Ray McDonald was waiting the week to start practicing. He moved over to starting nose tackle while Isaac Sopoaga was healing from his hamstring injury.

Now we see McDonald in camp and Sopoaga once again healthy and RJF is back to second string. The team also has Ian Williams getting some nose tackle snaps. It's hard to tell how the 46-man active roster will shake out in certain areas, but it seems like RJF will develop into a utility defensive lineman role for now. Do they rotate him in at nose tackle rather than give Sopoaga all the nose tackle snaps? How would you utilize RJF in this defense?