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49ers Training Camp 2011: Time To Go Campin...

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I'll be away from my computer for chunks of today as I have the good fortune of attending today's 49ers practice. There's still no word on when the team will hold open practices so I'll ask about that while I'm down there as I know some of you take time to head over for the public practice sessions. I do know that the team's FanFest event at Candlestick later this month (not sure of the specific date) will actually include one such open practice.

While we sit and wait for some kind of movement on the free agency front, I thought I'd open the floor to suggestions for things to watch at practice today. As I don't attend every practice I don't get the same complete idea of ebb and flow that the beat writers get. However, I can keep an eye out for specific players to see what may or may not be happening over the course of the practice. The team had the day off yesterday so players should be a bit refreshed.

Also, there will be some time before practice for player availability, which will like include Frank Gore who is officially back at camp. After practice Jim Harbaugh will be available as well. Any particular questions for Coach Harbaugh? Not saying I'll be able to get them answered, but I might as well at least try.