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49ers Training Camp 2011: Anthony Dixon Displays His Usual Personality

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49ers running back Anthony Dixon took a few minutes to chat with the media before practice today and further increased his cred as one of the my favorite off-field 49ers. I recorded the interview and big thanks to Craig Massei from AP/ for transcribing it while I was at lunch (he hadn't been able to record but offered to transcribe).

Dixon was in 49ers shirt and shorts but was wearing a small Judge Smails style black fedora, which I don't think I've ever seen in that context. Not a huge deal, but still kind of funny.

He didn't have a lot to say as camp is still early. He mostly spoke about Frank Gore's return to the field. One fairly amusing question concerned his baseball playing skills. Apparently his brothers play baseball and he attended some of their games this past season (not sure if it's high school or college). He said some scouts were there talking to him and whether or not that's true, he thinks that if he could just learn to hit a curve ball he might have a second career.

Not exactly earth shattering information in some of these interviews, but amusing nonetheless. I don't know if he'll fully overcome his backfield dancing issues, but at least he brings some personality.

ANTHONY DIXON  QUESTION NOT ON TAPE: I learned some plays, got a little bit ahead, I definitely got some work in. It definitely did me some good.

GOOD TO HAVE FRANK BACK: Oh yeah, definitely, you know. Frank, you know, me and Frank joke a lot, you know, we hang out, you know, it's good to have him back, you know. I was missing him, you know (YES, WE KNOW). It's definitely good to have Frank back.

WHAT'S HE BRING TO LOCKER ROOM: Uh, you know, Frank just bring, he brings confidence, he bring, you know, he's got great talent, you know, he's a funny dude, he's just fun to be around, you know. Frank is just fun. He's fun to be around.

HOW MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE ARE YOU KNOW IN YEAR 2: At two? I mean, it's the same as I at one, you know. Me and Frank both start off learning this offense the same way, so I don't feel no different being a two, you know. WE just got to learn it, you know, we just have to run it, you know, we just have to go out and perform.

COACHES MORE CONFIDENT NOW WITH YOU STEPPING IN: Oh yeah definitely , you know, there wont' be no drop this year. I'll definitley be able to pick up where Frank left off. Because last year I learned, it was definitley a learning curve for me. This year it defiintiley won't drop. I'll be able to pick up.

IMPRESSIONS OF HARBAUGH: You know, I love coach Harbaugh. He got some nice philosophies, you know. When you listen to him talk, you know, I listen to him, and he's kind of funny, but you can take it serious, you know. Some of the looks on his face just make me want to start laughing, you know, but he's seriosu about what he's doing. He be up there acting out the drills, and I just love that, man. Sometimes he just get hyper from nowhere, and I love that too.

YOU A BASEBALL PLAYER: If the lockout had gone a little longer, I might have got back out there, you know. I had a couple scouts that come up to me at the games, you know, I was out there watching my brothers. I still feel like I could play good defense right now. Played in the outfield positions. I have a nice arm. If they could teach me to hit the curveball, we'd be a go. 

SOME QUESTION ABOUT RATHMAN: Coach Rathman, he always want us to be a complete player, so that's what I'm working on. You know, pass blocking, run blocking, blocking down the field, you know, all categories, you know we're working on everything. WORK AT FULLBACK: I haven't had no reps at fullback. I mean, we got two backs there and we do have some fullback players that I think they're going to keep to the end. But like I told coach, (PLANE FLYING OVER)