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David Harris Gets Most Guaranteed Money For Inside Linebackers; Willis Rumors

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News came through my Twitter feed, which I promptly restarted and refreshed, thinking that somebody had made a mistake. David Harris is actually going to get more guaranteed dollars in his new contract than Patrick Willis is getting in his. Harris signed a four-year extension with the Jets for $36 million, which isn't totally unreasonable, but still a little crazy. What's unreasonable is the fact that $29.5 million of that is guaranteed.

When the 49ers inked Willis to a five-year, $53.51 million deal, they gave him $29 million in guaranteed. Willis will end up making more than Harris, to be sure, but that's still extreme. It's actually a bit more if you put "guaranteed" in quotation marks as I've just done for you (so you don't have to), because Willis has a lot of incentives in his contract that are easily met. All the team has to do is get better in one area on defense among many categories for Willis to receive a couple extra million each year, which they can certainly do. Simply going from 32nd in the league to 31st in the league in any defensive stat would be enough.

But still ... that's an awful lot of money for somebody who isn't as good as Willis, who is probably the best inside linebacker in the league. Speaking of Willis though, there's been some folks talking on Twitter about a potential trade to the Philadelphia Eagles for Asante Samuel. To anybody who is at all considering this as an actual possibility, I have only this to say:

You crazy, son.

It's not going to happen, and I'm not even going to link the Twitter account which is talking about it, considering that might result in follows, which is the point of tweeting false information. I can't say for positive that this person hasn't heard something, but I can say that if this person did hear something, they better chickity check their source, who might have missed out on his medication for today. So I guess this is another thread to carry us through the whatever that is this free agency period. 49ers are doing what I expected them to, and they're being s

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