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Barrows 90-Man Roster Review

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Yesterday evening, Matt Barrows put together his thoughts on the 90-man roster as the team heads into its second preseason contest. He wrote a sentence or two on every player listed that could give you a nice little crib sheet when you are watching tonight's game.

The most helpful info comes with the guys he thinks are solid practice squad options. Without attending practice every day it's hard to tell how players are doing further down the depth chart. Furthermore, the depth chart has been in a bit of turmoil due to the CBA rules regarding when free agents can practice. Barrows post gives us a nice little rundown of the 90 players over the last three weeks.

Any of his musings stand out in particular?

On a related note, Matt Maiocco posted his weekly "Quarters Coverage" post, which runs down what to expect in terms of personnel in each quarter of the game. I'd recommend combining this quarters coverage with Barrows 90-man review to create a valuable crib sheet for tonight's game.