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49ers 0 - Raiders 0 Second Gamethread

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Well, the 49ers got a first down on their opening possession, that's the good thing. They had a little bit of help, of course, some pass interference. But hey, we'll take what we can get, right? That being said, the 49ers actually had a couple first downs, courtesy of Frank Gore, Anthony Dixon and Vernon Davis. Dixon actually didn't dance for once and got the two yard gain and third-down conversion. Then he got an even bigger Awesome, yeah?

Braylon Edwards just bullied Demarcus VanDyke for a first down, pushed him off. Unfortunately, Dixon did a bit of dancing there and they had to settle for a field goal. Only they didn't settle for a field goal. It was a fumbled snap and Andy Lee attempted a pass. Rolando McLain intercepted it and Lee goes down. Lee limps off the field, looks to be walking alright by the time he gets to the sideline.

Raiders are stopped, NaVorro Bowman with two tackles and a QB hit on third down on the Raiders opening posession, they punt and the 49ers get things going again, big reception by Josh Morgan and a nice run by Anthony Dixon. Kendall Hunter shows some stuff, too - but Mike Iupati called on a penalty. Then Smith throws a pick to a defensive lineman. Ouch.

Then Tramaine Brock started getting abused by Denarius Moore, and Darrius Heyward-Bey beat Chris Culliver and Dashon Goldson, hilariously enough. Raiders get first and goal on the two, but the 49ers stop them on all four downs. Good stuff.

I'm up there in the pressbox right now, eating carrot cake with Sam Lam and if I forget some stuff, it's because I'm behind and trying to get stuff done up here. Go Niners.