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49ers 10 - Raiders 0 Third Gamethread

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Braylon Edwards with a huge 32-yard reception to get the 49ers into the red zone, that was beautiful. Larry Fitzgerald is probably the only other receiver in the NFC West who could make that catch like that. That's what the guy next to me said, and I agree. We had some great runs from Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon, and also a bad run from the latter. Andy Lee limped noticeably to hold the field goal from Akers, which was good from 23-yards out.

Darrius Heyward-Bey beats Dashon Goldson for the second time, and Michael Bush has a great bounce out. Then Justin Smith happens, and Jason Campbell is out of the game. He hit Ahmad Brooks' leg and was sacked by Smith. Trent Edwards came in at the two-minute warning and completed his first pass. Then he did a QB sneak and got the first down ... and then a gain of ten to Derek Hagan. Illegal hands to the face (as opposed to legal hands to the face?) and the Raiders are at 2nd and 30, with a hold. Edwards likes Hagan a little too much, Tarell Brown gets the interception, and the half came to an end.

Kyle Boller took over for Trent Edwards, and that didn't go anywhere. They had some holding, some other issues, and they eventually would go on to punt. And then Colin Kaepernick gets a 12-yard completion and Kendall Hunter makes a statement in the backup running back battle with a 53-yard touchdown run. Denarius Moore with a big kickoff return, gets to the 45-yard line. Then stuff happened and I forgot that I was supposed to be writing a semi-play-by play.

In the end, Kaepernick made a couple good throws and Hunter made a good blitz pickup, then David Akers punted in lieu of Andy Lee. Scary.