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Golden Nuggets: 49ers Provide Good Game, Night Still Ends Badly

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Good morning folks, hope everyone is doing well and not recovering from fisticuffs at the 49ers-Raiders game yesterday. There were so many fights, and the parking lot was twice as trashed as usual. And if I'm hearing correctly, three people were shot, which honestly ruins the whole night from a sports fan perspective. No, I don't mean that I'm terribly inconvenienced, I'm not that shallow, I mean that it just sucks to see that associated with this sport we love. I don't care what jersey they were wearing and I don't care about that at all ... I just hope the people affected come out OK. That aside, the 49ers had themselves a great game and we should have plenty of links for you to check out tonight. Enjoy 'em. (Adding: The first link will be the story stream related to incidents at Candlestick. Follow that for information.)

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