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On the 49er's Colin Kaepernick and Terrelle Pryor

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First off, I wanted to thank everybody for the warm welcome all of you extended to me a couple of days ago. That sort of class really gets me excited about being a regular contributor here at Niners Nation. Invariably, this meant that I wrote about half of the comments on my last article just to thank everybody for their kind words. In the future, I expect you all to continue saying nice things. Even if I stop thanking you.

Since the last article went so well with me talking about the third string Quarterback, I thought that if I jumped up the ladder and talked about the second stringer I might strike gold again. Follow me after the jump to get my thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and some things I wanted to get out about Terrelle Pryor before the "don't-pick-us-last-in-PE" draft on Monday.

So, here's the thing about Terrelle Pryor - OH MOTHER OF PEARL, IS THAT A SPIDER ON MY KEYBOARD?! Oh, just a miniature, genetically altered spider-monkey I keep as a pet? No biggie.

Alright, as I was saying, the Niners may be eyeing QB Terrelle Pryor in the - GREAT DAWN OF TOBIAS FUNKE'S ACTING CAREER, I THINK HARRY POTTER JUST TOOK A CRAP IN MY BEDROOM! Nope. My life-size cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen is talking to himself again.

Okay now. No more distractions. I can't bother with them when I am trying to convince everybody of my point that drafting Terrelle Pryor would just be a huge and unnecessary distraction. Oooh, did I just spoil the whole point? Bummer. Here's another spoiler: Soylent Green is Santa dressed up like the Easter Bunny or some crap like that. Deal_with_it.gif.

But seriously guys, he'a distraction.  I don't care about NCAA rules or NFL rules or crap like that. Moreover, if you want to read about it, find somebody who wants to write about it (read: isn't too lazy to actually look up what that whole affair is about). I'm going to give you pure and unfiltered Colbert-style gut.

I'm not going to get into the whole "does he or does he not have bad character" debate. Ninety-nine out of a hundred times, when I turn on the TV in my friend's living room and take his food, I do so to watch sports (or, as a guilty pleasure, Friends re-runs). And ninety-nine out of a hundred times, guys, when I watch sports, I do so to watch my team do well; I don't do so in order to watch my team have better character than the other guys. That's an astounding 99% of the time! What consistency!

Okay now, let's talk honestly and not be equivocation monsters about this. If a man approaches the game of football with alacrity and a strong work-ethic, and as long as he performs well on the field, we won't care about his character. Don't deny it. If it impedes him, then sure. Now we are back to that whole "winning" thing. But we cannot control that; nor can we predict it.

So my take: perfect character or not, I think drafting Pryor would simply be a distraction and detrimental to this football team. The guy is obviously an athletic specimen and a pretty good looking QB based on the exhaustive scouting I did on YouTube for like 13 minutes yesterday. Dude can put together a highlight reel.

Highlights or not; funky system or not; character or not; failure rate of Ohio State QBs or not, I don't want him. Right now, we are all on the Jim Harabaugh Express and ain't nothin' stopping this train. Not even Denzel Washington and Captain Kirk can stop this one. We don't need late pickups. The luggage is on board. Anyway, if we stop now, we won't get those two poor souls out of limbo.

Colin Kaepernick is the man for the future of this team. I'm saying it right now. Anything short of us tanking (and it won't be on purpose!) and drafting Andrew Luck leads to Captain Kaep from here on out. The man has been in the league for a lockout-shortened offseason, been in two (2!) preseason games, and to be quite frank, he looks leaps and bounds better than I thought he would be (and with his long legs, he could probably leap over a whole hopscotch thingamajig). This is the guy whose downside in the draft was his rawness.

What I am seeing is a man who can consistently make smart reads, can throw with darn good accuracy for a rookie, and can operate in a busy pocket and on the fly. I get that after the horrible Dr. Alex Frankenstein experiment gone wrong that we want to ease Colin into the game. I'm on board with that. That is the entire reason why I am on board with Alex being on the team. Strike that, the only reason why.

Sure, there are things for Colin to work on. With his long legs, he should be getting deeper drops - even on the three steps versions. I can tell he is a bit jittery and nervous. But these are easy things to correct. And, he is a quick learner. Seriously. For those who think that his throwing motion looks like a crane trying to break free from a gymnasium filled with Jell-O, go watch a few clips of him in college. Now watch him throw a ball in his upcoming preseason game. Now try and tell me that his throwing motion is weird and will never be successful. Now shut up, because you are wrong. He has already shortened it, and I'm not entirely convinced that it needed shortening. The motions are quite disparate at this point. Quite.

As such, I'm arguing, there's a lot about which we should be getting excited. He's playing well and has so much potential. If Alex goes down, this is why he should be the guy. Jim Harbaugh is really setting him up to be successful. This isn't Dr. Alex / Mr. Nolan again. It's very different. Sure, we should be sensitive as Colin comes along. No, we can't expect him to win the Super Bowl. He's curing cancer than day, I think.  But, we can expect him to be the guy going forward, and right now that means being the number two guy on the depth chart. That also means not bringing in a distraction. Kaepernick and Harbaugh need to be BFFs from here on out. No need for some awkward third wheel to try and steal snaps.

But what do I know? I'm just some 21 year old punk who never got to watch Joe Young and Steve Montana play.