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Golden Nuggets: Excited About Kendall Hunter, But Frank Gore Is Important

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So there's more information out regarding the incidents at Candlestick Park, and aside from being interested in whether the pieces of [site decorum] who did the assaulting are caught or not, I really don't care who was wearing what. Am I supposed to feel better about it all knowing that one victim and one suspect were both wearing Raiders colors? I sincerely hope not, because I don't - at all. It does seem like it was gang violence, but you know what? Gangs like sports too. So that's why it makes me ashamed to have something like this associated with this game. I also have strong feelings about the shared stadium - I don't think it would be bad every week, but I think there would be some idiots who have a "this is our house" mentality and I just don't see it working. Let's just get to the linkage, follow the storystream below for more updates on that situation.

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