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49ers Reportedly Trade Taylor Mays To Cincinnati Bengals

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Adam Schefter is reporting the San Francisco 49ers have dealt safety Taylor Mays to the Cincinnati Bengals for an undisclosed draft pick. If this is indeed good to go, thus ends the curious tale of Taylor Mays.

Although Mays was also considered an athletic individual, the new Jim Harbaugh coaching staff made it clear early in training camp that they had little use for the USC safety. As recently as today, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio did not even include Mays in a list of 49ers safeties that he felt could play in the NFL.

There were reports earlier this week that the 49ers had turned down an offer from the Chicago Bears, but both sides seemed to deny that. It seemed likely that the 49ers would eventually simply cut Mays before the start of the regular season. Instead, they're able to acquire an undisclosed pick that is probably fairly late in the draft. It would have been nice to see Mays develop into the kind of safety who could contribute on an every-down basis, but it was not to be. It's not exactly a shocking turn of events given the change in coaches, but it still stings a little bit.