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Taylor Mays Trade: Rumors On Pick Acquired

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There is no official word yet on the pick the 49ers acquired from the Cincinnati Bengals in the Taylor Mays trade. We do however, have our first unsubstantiated rumor courtesy of of Stripe Hype (h/t to comments at Cincy Jungle). The rumor is that the 49ers are getting a fourth round pick that could bump up to a third round pick if Mays plays in at least 80% of defensive snaps this season.

Until this rumor is substantiated, I find it questionable at best. The only reason I can believe such a rumor is if the Bengals felt they had no chance to get Mays on the free agency market, given that they are in fact the Cincinnati Bengals. If that's the case, then maybe I could see overpaying for a player they'd have under fairly inexpensive control through the 2013 season. He has base salaries that escalate to no higher than $575,000 and while I'm not certain, I don't think they would take the cap hit on his rookie signing bonus. I thought it was the trading team that took the hit, but I could be wrong.

If the 49ers do get this kind of pick, I'd say that's a fairly solid return when you hold little leverage. The team seemed intent on unloading Mays and likely would have cut him by the time rosters got down to 53 players. It's never fun to give up on a high pick, but getting something in return is better than nothing. More to come on this developing situation.