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49ers Wide Receivers: How Does Dominique Zeigler Fit In?

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Yesterday's news that Dominique Zeigler was activated from the PUP list was quickly overshadowed by tailgating changes at Candlestick Park and the 49ers decision to trade Taylor Mays to the Bengals. While those were particularly pertinent stories, the 49ers decision to activate Dominique Zeigler at the halfway point of the preseason is an interesting one given the healthy competition at the wide receiver position.

The 49ers have 12 wide receivers in camp or on the PUP list:

Braylon Edwards
Michael Crabtree (PUP list)
Josh Morgan
Kyle Williams
Ted Ginn Jr.
Ronald Johnson
Dominique Zeigler
Lance Long
Kevin Jurovich
Tyler Beiler
Joe Hastings
Chris Hogan

We can cross Hogan, Hastings, Jurovich and Long off at this point without thinking too hard. It sounds like Long has had a solid camp, but in reality, the numbers game will likely never allow these particular four receivers to have a shot at a roster spot. It's entirely possible the 49ers coaching staff is on a different wave length than I am with regards to one of those four, particularly Long.

Nonetheless, it seems like the final spot or two amongst the wide receivers will be a dogfight between Ginn, Johnson, Zeigler, and too a lesser extent, Long. Ginn and Johnson would seem to bring the most to the table. Ginn was an excellent punt returner last year, while Johnson was a sixth round pick by the current FO/coaching staff regime.

Zeigler is in arguably the toughest position of the entire group. He was not brought in by the current regime and more importantly he hasn't been able to show his stuff through the first 3+ weeks of training camp. The coaching staff put a lot into the first couple weeks of camp, which hurts him. Moreover, he is likely looking at second half reps on Saturday against the Texans, which means even a solid performance could be reduced in the eyes of the coaching staff.

These next two weeks are critical for Dominique Zeigler. I really think he's going to need to seriously wow the coaching staff if he's going to make the 49ers 53-man roster. I've been plenty wrong before, but I can't see this working out any other way.

Is there disagreement out there on this?