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49ers Fantasy Options: Handcuffed By Fandom?

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One of my biggest problems heading into fantasy football drafts is where do I pick 49ers, or do I even pick 49ers? The latter is not really the case this year as I was able to draft Frank Gore for the first time in a keeper league I run. I've never had Frank Gore and when he was staring at me, I just knew I had to take him.

However, as the draft moved along, Braylon Edwards was sitting there and I simply could not pull the trigger. He's working to develop some solid chemistry with Alex Smith, but given the various weapons in the 49ers offense I just couldn't quite pull the trigger.

The 49ers offense features a host of potential fantasy options including Gore, Edwards, Michael Crabtree, and Vernon Davis. Josh Morgan and the other receivers are possible late round options, and Kendall Hunter/Anthony Dixon could be decent handcuffs. Alex Smith is a huge fantasy question mark, although I'm tempted to grab him with a late pick as a backup QB.

The question though is how easily could I overvalue 49ers fantasy options? Do you worry about that when you draft or do you like stacking your team with 49ers players? I will say that one of my best fantasy investments ever was the 2009 49ers defense/special teams. That defense was actually the highest scoring defense in fantasy due to a crazy number of turnovers and touchdowns. That was Dashon Goldson's big year, so I suppose that's a bit fitting.

On a somewhat related note, NN League #1 has an open spot (somebody dropped out). If you want to join, the league ID is 190768, password is 49ers and you can join HERE.

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