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49ers Waive TE Colin Cloherty

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The 49ers have apparently waived tight end Colin Cloherty. This isn't huge news, but it would seem to give Konrad Reuland a leg up in the battle for the third tight end role behind Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker. With Nate Byham out for the season, the rookie tight end out of Stanford is in prime position to take over that third TE role.

Nate Lawrie has apparently shown a solid work ethic thus far in camp, but I've got to think Reuland's Stanford connection and knowledge of the basis of the 49ers offense is a huge plus for him. Throw in the fact that wide receivers coach Johnnie Morton has nicknamed the rookie "Novaceck" and I think that just about says it all. Big props to Reuland for at least feigning indignation at being nicknamed after a member of some of the most hate Dallas Cowboys teams.

Coach Harbaugh seems pleased with Reuland's performance thus far, and maybe we could have a bit of a sleeper in that third TE spot. Since Davis and Walker emerged, I've occasionally dreamed of the day the 49ers could roll out a three tight end set that operates just as well as a two wide receiver set (and no that's not meant as sarcasm). The 49ers have the kind of weapons at tight end that allow for some serious mismatches and can keep defenses on their toes and thoroughly confused.