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49ers Offensive Linemen: A Little Less 'Hercules! Hercules!'?

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I may prefer Five Guys, but I'm still willing to admit this is quite the sacrifice!

Working on a story today on slimmed-down RG Chilo Rachal. Among his offseason sacrifices: No more In-N-Out, lots o' salmon. #49ersless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Tre9er made an excellent point on twitter about the lighter offensive line in the west coast offense. More specifically, he pointed to how we've heard how just about the entire offensive line has made noticable strides to slim down. Among others, we've seen articles about Joe Staley, Adam Snyder, and Chilo Rachal each having lost weight. Additionally, I believe there was an article about Anthony Davis turning more of his weight into solid muscle this offseason.

Do you see a speedier offensive line being what will take this group to the next level? They've each shown some sort of flashes of potential but last year there was a lack of consistency on the line. Could decreasing the amount of weight they're moving around speed them up a bit and improve the performance? I'm asking because I still don't full understand the reasoning behind Bill Walsh looking for smaller offensive linemen. Given the increased size AND speed of defensive linemen and linebackers these days, it would seem to be a bit trickier an issue to balance.