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Frank Gore: Ready To Get Creative In His Contract?

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In an interesting tweet yesterday, Tim Kawakami said that an NFL source confirmed the 49ers will meet with Frank Gore and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, on Monday. What was even more interesting was the line that Gore is open to creative proposals.

That begs the question of what exactly constitutes a "creative proposal." The easy answer is some joke related to Gore's days at the University of Miami. With all the news about Nevin Shapiro and the benefits given to Miami players (allegedly including Gore), the quick answer has to relate to that. Of course, in the NFL it might take a little bit more than offering a few ladies and gifts.

But in all seriousness, what would constitute a creative proposal in this instance? Gore and the 49ers seem to be struggling to reach a common ground on a contract so something needs to be figured out. Does "creative" mean something as simple as front-loading the deal, or are there other ways to structure a new contract?