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49ers vs. Texans: What Are You Looking For?

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The 49ers game tomorrow night against the Houston Texans has reached a new level of interest for fans in part because we'll get a chance to see second string players getting some snaps against the first team Texans. In his comments to the media yesterday, Jim Harbaugh specifically stated that backups would get a shot against first stringers.

Preseason contests often lack much pizzaz, no matter what point in the preseason we're at, and yet tomorrow's game could suddenly be all the more interesting. Does the idea of Colin Kaepernick facing the first string Texans defense get you at least a little more interested? How about Kendall Hunter getting some first team snaps against fellow rookie J.J. Watt and the rest of the Texans defense?

Guys like Kendall Hunter, Aldon Smith and others are of interest, but I can't think I'm the only one looking forward to see what Colin Kaepernick can do against the Texans first team defense. This could give us the best idea of where he truly is at in his professional development. Grant Cohn had a few comments about his footwork thus far, and Saturday could provide the best opportunity to truly analyze the work Kaepernick has put in both in his footwork and his decision-making.

Aside from seeing Alex Smith and the other starters have strong outings tomorrow, what are you looking for from the backups against the first string Texans? Aside from "solid performances" do you plan on paying close attention to anybody in particular?