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NFL Rookie Of The Year Odds: Aldon Smith A Sleeper?

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Oddsmakers released a rundown of odds for NFL Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year recently and our man Aldon Smith was the only 49ers draft pick to make an appearance. I've posted the full odds after the jump, but Smith comes in at 12/1 to win the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. Better awards go to favorite Von Miller (11/2), Patrick Peterson (6/1), Marcell Dareus (15/2), Nick Fairley (15/2), and Rahim Moore (10/1). Jimmy Smith is also sitting at 12/1.

It's hard to tell where exactly Aldon Smith will end up in the 49ers outside lineback rotation. He's done a lot of good work in the preseason, but even still he might start in a basic pass rush role before adding more time in a more every-down outside linebacker role. At the same time, a strong performance tonight against the Texans could get him that much closer to the starting lineup. That might be enough to squeeze out a Rookie of the Year type of performance.

Among the 49ers offensive rookies, I'd argue Kendall Hunter has the "best" shot at winning the award. He's a long-shot, but if I had to pick one offensive player, it would probably be Hunter. He still is sitting as the third string running back and I do remain an Anthony Dixon fan. It would likely require Hunter leap-frogging Dixon and then Gore either getting hurt or getting traded, but crazier things have happened. I don't think Hunter will get enough carries to win offensive rookie of the year, but who know what will happen this year.

Odds to win the 2011 NFL AP Defensive Rookie of the Year   

Von Miller                      11/2
Patrick Peterson            6/1
Marcel Dareus               15/2
Nick Fairley                   15/2
Rahim Moore                 10/1
Aldon Smith                  12/1
Jimmy Smith                 12/1
Bruce Carter                  15/1
Adrian Clayborn             16/1
Cameron Jordan             16/1
JJ Watt                         16/1
Robert Quinn                 16/1
Ryan Kerrigan                16/1
Cameron Heyward          18/1
Casey Matthews            18/1
Da'Quan Bowers            18/1
Aaron Williams              20/1
Corey Liuget                  20/1
Muhammad Wilkerson    20/1
Jabaal Sheard                25/1
Phil Taylor                     25/1


Odds to win the 2011 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year    

Julio Jones                    5/1
Cam Newton                  11/2
Mark Ingram                  11/2
A.J. Green                     7/1
Daniel Thomas               8/1
Andy Dalton                  15/1
Christian Ponder            15/1
Jake Locker                   15/1
Shane Vereen                16/1
Stevan Ridley                16/1
Titus Young                   16/1
Torrey Smith                  18/1
Jonathan Baldwin           20/1
Randall Cobb                 20/1
Blaine Gabbert               22/1
Kyle Rudolph                 25/1
Leonard Hankerson        25/1