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49ers vs. Texans: Houston Taking Control Early In The Game

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Well, the 49ers got into the end zone just about as quickly as possible thanks to Ahmad Brooks snazzy little interception on the Texans first offensive play of the game. Schaub threw it right into the outstretched arms of Brooks who was able to quickly return it for a touchdown.

The Houston Texans offense have subsequently moved the ball down the field thanks to a mix of big plays and penalties and taken a 10-7 lead as the first quarter comes to a close. Andre Johnson and Arian Foster have had big performances, but multiple penalties are also killing the 49ers. I suppose Dashon Goldson might not have made that pick if Donte Whitner hadn't grabbed a handful of jersey. But still......

The 49ers offense is back on the field looking to get its act together against this first string Texans defense and maybe inspire some confidence as we move forward. Thus far the Texans have run 21 offensive plays while the 49ers have run five.