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49ers vs. Texans: So About The Second String Vs. First String Idea....

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49ers coach Jim Harbaugh held true to his promise to get second string players some significant time against the Houston Texans first string and it played liked many thought it would. The second string defense came on in the second quarter and gave up a fairly lengthy touchdown drive that looked a little too easy for the prolific Texans offense. They capped the drive with an easy twelve yard touchdown completion from Matt Schaub to Owen Daniels on 3rd and goal.

That was followed by Colin Kaepernick coming on with the 49ers first string offensive line. He connected with Delanie Walker on a 15-yard completion to Delanie Walker, but otherwise struggled. Thus far his performance has been capped by a pick-six to Troy Nolan in which Kaepernick stared down his receiver, thus setting up a fairly easy interception. Alex Smith returned for the final 49ers offensive series of the half and will probably start the third quarter.

Given how the Texans have looked overall, and how even the 49ers first team has looked at times, I'm not really sure sticking with the first string would have made a big difference. Although the second stringers didn't seem to perform particularly well, hopefully Coach Harbaugh got what he wanted out of his decision to get them in early.

I'm not prepared to jump off the ledge at this point but the first half performance didn't exactly inspire a ton of confidence. I still think this team can do some good things, but even a preseason game can be tough to watch when your team is getting mowed over. Let's hope for a stronger performance in the second half.