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49ers vs. Texans: Where Does Game-Planning Fit Into This?

One of the most interesting comments to come out of the 49ers 30-7 loss to the Houston Texans was from Donte Whitner. At one point he was asked to evaluate the defense's overall performance. In response he discussed the lack of significant game-planning:

It's a game right here, game three, where most teams game plan. We didn't game plan at all. We just came out here, we actually had a light practice yesterday. We just came out here and wanted to use our base things again and see what we could do against them.

One of the more questionable performances came from the offensive line. At first glance I found myself asking what could possibly explain such a poor performance. I can understand game-planning to some extent, but when it comes to basic execution, what is the thought on that?

The 49ers still have two weeks to prepare for their season opener against the Seattle Seahawks. I'm open to the idea that the staff is playing coy with much of what they do. However, poor execution on what the team is actually trying does still leave me wondering what is going on.

Based on yesterday's performance, how much can be considered trying things out and figuring out what's going on, and what was poor execution? I suppose we really don't know much without being inside the locker room, but I think it's still a question worth asking.