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Picture Of The Game: Alex Smith And Matt Leinart

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Alex Smith and Matt Leinart
Alex Smith and Matt Leinart

I don't know if this necessarily lends itself to Caption This (howtheyscored should be back with it next week), but it's certainly an interesting picture nonetheless. Alex Smith and Matt Leinart aren't quite as intertwined as Smith and Aaron Rodgers. At the same time, it's amazing how much has changed since 2005.

It was six years ago that many 49ers fans were hoping Matt Leinart would turn pro and be the number one pick of the 2005 draft. Instead, Leinart decided to go back for another year at USC. He was a rock star in LA and could have solidified another high draft spot with a solid year. Unfortunately for Leinart, things slipped up and Vince Young surpassed him as the quarterback "flavor of the month."

The two quarterbacks have both struggled in their careers, but they've also ended up with different paths. Both made it into the starting lineup their rookie seasons. Matt Leinart ended up being replaced by Kurt Warner and then Derek Anderson and company. Alex Smith was sort of all over the place due to a mix of injury and poor performance.

And now we sit here six years after first pondering Matt Leinart as a possible number one overall pick. It's not earth shattering or anything, but it's still an interesting path this has weaved.