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Is Ronald Johnson's Roster Spot In Peril?

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A generally poor performance Saturday night left a variety of players with slipping stock. One player who's stock took a bit of a serious tumble was rookie wide receiver Ronald Johnson. He got a good number of snaps but during that time he was not able to do much with them. He fumbled two punt returns, losing one of them, and could not haul in any passes.

As a draft pick Johnson has a certain amount of cache, but with the number of veterans potentially ahead of him it's difficult to tell where he now stands. We've had plenty of discussion about how much the team will factor in game performances versus practices. However, even if Coach Harbaugh views preseason games as nothing more than a chance to do some situational work, RoJo's performance cannot be all too inspiring.

One of the drawbacks with the new coaching regime is that it's hard to tell where anybody really stands when it comes to roster spots. From an outside perspective Johnson would seem to be in peril. However, we could find out by week one that it was not remotely the case. Given this rather cloudy set of circumstances, I don't really know how best to analyze it. Thoughts?