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Jim Harbaugh Discusses 49ers-Texans The Day After

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49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh spent a half hour chatting with Bay Area media on a conference call today. I had a chance to listen in on the call (didn't ask any questions) and while it's only a single call, Coach Harbaugh did not radiate enthusiasm. Given the struggles yesterday, that's not particularly surprising. And seeing as it was over the phone and not in person, we can only take so much from it. You can listen for yourself over at What do you take from his tone?

There weren't a whole lot of wild revelations from the conference call. Coach Harbaugh indicated it was possible Michael Crabtree could be activated from the PUP list, but I also think he was answering that in the context, is it at all possible, as opposed to, "Is it likely?" He's been quite positive about Crabtree's classroom work, but I would be surprised if we saw Crabtree playing this coming Thursday.

Coach Harbaugh did say there was not a "winner" yet in the center position battle between Jonathan Goodwin and Adam Snyder. We saw them mixed and matched, with Snyder even getting some playing time at right guard when Goodwin came in.

Harbaugh continued to praise the work of Demarcus Dobbs who had a nice sack against Matt Leinart. Dobbs seems to do a little bit more each week and it would not be at all surprising if he made the roster at this point. We'll do a bit more breakdown on Dobbs vs. Tukuafu this week as that is one battle that continues to rage on.

It's going to be a quick turnaround for the 49ers this week. They travel to face the San Diego Chargers this Thursday at 7:00pm pacific. It will be interesting to see how much playing time the starters get in part based on it being the last game, and also on the quick turnaround for their bodies. I'd imagine the team will practice tomorrow and Tuesday with a light walk through on Wednesday. There's no word yet on whether the team will travel to San Diego Wednesday or Thursday, but either way it won't be a full week of practice.