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TiqIQ NFL Kickoff Contest

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For those that weren't aware, SB Nation worked out a deal with TiqIQ to provide some opportunities for fans to get decent deals on football tickets. You can go to the 49ers ticket page and depending on the game you want, TiqIQ operates a bit like in the way they provide a variety of pricing options. Consider it one more option for buying tickets.

I bring it up now because TiqIQ has started a contest that could get you $200 worth of tickets to a 2011 NFL regular season game of your choice. In order to enter, you need to go over to the Niners Nation Tickets Facebook page, LIKE it and provide a prediction of the following on the Wall:

1. Final score of the 49ers-Seahawks regular season opener, along with a winner
2. Who will score the 1st TD in that game
3. Yards for the 1st TD

If two people have the same guess, the person who submitted FIRST will win. Thus, if you decide to enter, you should look at the previous entries to make sure you have a different prediction. The winner of the contest will be contacted the following week.

Important Note: The predictions must be on the Facebook page.