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49ers Welcome Braylon Edwards' World Tour

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As the San Francisco 49ers continue making their way through training camp patiently considering their options, the latest news has wide receiver Braylon Edwards coming to town for a visit later today. We had plenty of discussion earlier today about Edwards and Malcom Floyd and so it's fitting that Edwards will be in town.

It's not all that surprising that Edwards is wrapping up his visits at this point, much like Floyd. Veterans will likely be reporting for duty tomorrow to start practicing under new contracts. For now, it would appear that the Cardinals are the main competition, but the Jets could very well sneak back into the Edwards "sweepstakes." It will be interesting to see how much leverage he can get since he's probably ending up with a one-year deal like most every other free agent signing the last couple days.

It's interesting to see all the one year deals handed out for some guys who in previous years would probably end up with multi-year deals. It seems like the lockout has teams a bit more cautious. We've seen some monster deals, but it seems like a lot fewer than in years past. With regards to veteran free agents I don't think it's so much financial responsibility because of the new revenue scheme, but more the circumstances surrounding the lockout that have led to some fiscal sanity. Not 100% fiscal sanity, but more than in years past.