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NFL Free Agents 2011: 49ers Sign Jonathan Goodwin

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As soon as I posted about Braylon Edwards coming to town, the 49ers went out and signed a Pro Bowl center in the form of Jonathan Goodwin. The former Saints center was an alternate last year and made the team the year before. While Pro Bowls are not exactly the most indicative of future returns, it's better than him being on "Worst centers of all time" list, wouldn't you say?

Per Adam Schefter, the deal is worth $10.9 million over three years with $4 million of that guaranteed. Reasonable deals like that keep a team from hamstringing themselves moving forward. It sounds like David Baas signed a deal reportedly in the neighborhood of five years and $26 million with the Giants. I'm not saying he won't end up being worth it (if that number is legit), but given that he has one year of center experience under his belt, I feel more comfortable with this deal in terms of previous success and also reasonable length and dollars.

It sounds like Goodwin actually can also play some guard, but it's probably safe to say he'll be coming in to play center given his past performance there. I'm curious though if he is slotted right in at number one, or if the team gives Adam Snyder a little bit more time to try and win out the job. I believe offensive coordinator Greg Roman is speaking with the media after practice today so I'd imagine we'll see some questions on that subject.