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Jonathan Goodwin Signing And 49ers Offensive Line Rotation

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Fooch's Note: Site decorum is on and will remain so until the 49ers preseason opener August 12.

Jonathan Goodwin signed a three year contract with the 49ers earlier this afternoon and will likely make his way right into the starting center position. Adam Snyder has done yeoman's work as the training camp center, but with no center experience it was going to be a tough learning curve. It worked somewhat well for David Baas (enough to get him a sizable contract), but I'd imagine the team did not want to try their luck twice.

Assuming Goodwin does take over as starting center, the question becomes what happens to the rest of the offensive line. While Snyder will likely compete with Chilo Rachal at right guard, he appears slotted to be a backup across the line as a sort of Mr. Versatility. If that's the case, it will be interesting to see how it impacts the rest of the roster battles on the line.

I've been chatting with Tre and others on twitter about this. As it currently stands, the 49ers offensive line will definitely include Joe Staley, Anthony Davis, Chilo Rachal, Mike Iupati, Jonathan Goodwin, and Adam Snyder. After that you could argue everything else is up in the air. Tony Wragge signed a one-year deal but if Snyder can sufficiently back up across the line, maybe he doesn't stick around? You could make the argument that his roster spot is more secure if Snyder wins the starting right guard battle since Chilo doesn't play center.

After that, you've got Alex Boone. At this point Boone would seem to be a heavy favorite to take over as the swing tackle, even if Adam Snyder can be a backup at tackle. The team likely has Barry Sims on speed dial, but as Maiocco said, if Boone can show something the next few weeks, he would seem destined for the key backup tackle job.

Beyond that the team still has its two draft picks in Daniel Kilgore and Mike Person. Last year the team kept ten offensive lineman, with one backup at each position. I wouldn't be surprised if they went with nine this year to provide a bit more offensive flexibility, particularly given the additional experience Iupati and Davis bring to the table.

As it currently stands, I'd say your two biggest bubble guys are Wragge and Person and to fit the group of nine I'm considering Person on the practice squad. The starting right guard position is up in the air with the addition of Goodwin, so Rachal and Snyder are not etched in stone at the current positions.

OT: Joe Staley, Anthony Davis

OG: Mike Iupati, Chilo Rachal

C: Jonathan Goodwin

Reserves: Adam Snyder, Alex Boone, Daniel Kilgore, Tony Wragge