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Braylon Edwards Watch 2011: Not Quite Harbaugh-colypse Or The Lockout Or Nnamdi Watch....Yet

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I've got an early morning tomorrow, so I'm off to bed in just a little bit. But before I turned in I wanted to get a post together for you. I was out playing softball this evening and just got back to a lack of serious action on the Braylon Edwards situation. We lost 11-10 after the opposing team drew a bases loaded walk to end the game. I realize the name of the game is to win, but that's some weak sauce. The highlight for me was a 2-out RBI single to tie the game our previous at-bat. Unfortunately we couldn't secure the tie (time had already expired). Such is life.

Given how full the last thread has gotten, I figured I'd open a new thread to take us to the 2am Nuggets. I think it's safe to bet a deal does not get done tonight, but we might as well have an extra thread just in case. The 49ers do seem to be the favorites, but as we've seen in recent seasons, being the favorites doesn't guarantee victory.

It will be interesting to see who enters the season as favorites in the NFC West. The 49ers have been a favorite off and on the last few years and always managed to blow it, first in 2007 and again last year. Would the Rams be the favorite this year? And if so, does that remove a significant amount of pressure from the 49ers?