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49ers Offensive Line Not Pleased With Performance; In Other News, Sun Rose Today

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In not so surprising revelations, some of the 49ers offensive linemen chatted with the media on Monday and they were not happy with their performance on Saturday. Press Democrat writer Grant Cohn (a new addition this offseason) transcribed interviews with three different offensive linemen, including two probable starters:

Jonathan Goodwin transcript
Tony Wragge transcript
Joe Staley transcript

It's worth noting the Dallas Cowboys released five-time Pro Bowl center Andre Gurode. That's not to say the 49ers should make a play for him given that there are specific reasons he was cut. If you're looking for some discussion on why Gurode was cut, check out this article and this article.

As with most everything else about the 49ers, I'm hoping the offensive line can get things together in the coming weeks. While there are some questions with the talent, I also think the right system could provide some level of improvement. More importantly, I just don't think the line is nearly as bad as we saw against the Saints and Texans. I also don't think it's necessarily as good as we saw against the Raiders.

The question is where in between it falls. The other question is how long it will take to reach that point on a consistent basis. Such questions really apply across the board to the 49ers as they look to install the complete offense and defense. I think the team can remain competitive due in part to a weak division. However, they'll still need to execute at some level, even to beat some of the weaker teams on the schedule.