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San Francisco 49ers Roster Cuts: Scott McKillop, Six Others Cut

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The 49ers made their first roster cuts of the preseason, cutting seven players from the squad. The seven cuts include:

WR Tyler Beiler
OT Donovan Edwards
OG Nick Howell
WR Kevin Jurovich
LB Scott McKillop
P Sam Paulescu
RB Seth Smith

The cutting of Paulescu would indicate Andy Lee is good to go from his hip pointer and will be able to handle punts on Thursday against the Chargers. Or the 49ers simply have no plans to punt on Thursday because they'll be scoring all day. I can live with that.

It sucks to lose anybody, but I really feel bad for Scott McKillop. He was a monster on special teams before his injury and it sounds like he just never quite got back to 100% and suffers the consequences of that. Hopefully he can get back to full health and catch on somewhere. He's a guy I'll continue to root for wherever he lands.

This brings the team down to 80 players in time for today's deadline and will now look to this weekend's cut down to the 53-man roster. Any surprises on this list, or did it go more or less as you expected?