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Frank Gore Contract Extension Talks Remain Murky

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We've got some basic updates in the Frank Gore contract extension talks, although a random tweet has muddied the waters just a little bit. It looks like Gore spoke with the beat writers (@maioccocsn@eric_branch) and said Drew Rosenhaus left the Bay Area last night after face-to-face negotiations with the 49ers on Monday. Gore seemed to think things were positive at this point and he told Rosenhaus only to call him when a fair deal was ready to sign.

Where things got muddied was this tweet from "Pro Player Solutions." They have a website but I'd say it's a pretty pathetic looking site at this point with none of the possible pages linking to anything. I think @tompompei had the best tweet about them when he said, "How believable is Pro Players Solutions? They have a picture of fat Jared Lorenzen on their website in a Giants jersey." While I wouldn't be one to talk smack about the Round Mound of Touchdown, he does make a good point.

We'll be back with more updates, but for now, if you see any additional posts on Gore, feel free to post them here. At this point, even if the tweet about an extension is BS (as it appears), I'd say the fact that Gore said things were positive for now is a step in the right direction. More importantly, we aren't seeing tweets from national media about frustration or anything like that. Fingers remain crossed the situation gets resolved soon.