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Braylon Edwards Still Has Not Been Called To The Principal's Office

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Braylon Edwards spoke with the 49ers media today and told them he had not heard a single thing from the commissioner's office in regards to any possible violations of the league's conduct policy. As he described it, "Yeah, that's great news, that's a little better than good news."

Potential discipline against Edwards was potentially on the horizon following a July guilty plea to a DWI charge from 2010. I did a little poking around though and came across a tweet from Chris Mortensen last September following the initial arrest. According to that tweet the DWI did not fall under the personal conduct policy. He had a previous assault issue that might elevate it, but given how confusing the league's discipline power can be, I honestly don't know what to make of it.

I will say that since the league has not called Edwards into the principal's office yet, can they really justify calling him in now with only a week and a half left until the season? They've dealt with some players that had issues during the lockout (Aqib Talib and Kenny Britt). If they haven't called in Edwards eleven months after his DWI, it seems like we should be able to assume he won't be suspended (yes I'm actually going to assume!).