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PFT: Frank Gore Agrees To Terms On 3-Year, $21 million Extension

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Fooch's Update: Based on a PFT update, this reads like three years AFTER this 2011 season. "Coupled with his current deal, which pays out $4.9 million in 2011, Gore can earn $25.9 million over four years." So I'm not quite sure. Gonna look into this.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Frank Gore has agreed to terms on a three year contract extension worth $21 million. The deal reportedly includes $13.5 million in guaranteed money and PFT will have updates on the breakdown of the contract. I don't know the actual breakdown of the deal, but it seems like that means it's a decently front-loaded deal.

If the 49ers were able to load up more of the money in year one, they've got the cap room to take a sizable hit. Gore is coming off his hip injury and has dealt with a variety of smaller injuries during his career, but he has remained the engine that made the 49ers offense go in recent years. Who knows if he'll still be a member of the 49ers in three years given how easily contracts get torn up in the NFL.

The team has plenty of question marks to sort through this season, but for now, one problem is resolved.