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Golden Nuggets: Gore's Reasonable Extension, Crabtree Back In Action (Almost)

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The same day that Michael Crabtree was activated from the PUP list, Fooch went ahead and pushed mine through as well. I'm still on vacation with the girlie, but I've got some time here and there to do some posts. I should be back in pads and having full practice on the 7th of September, but for now I'm here to provide you with some delicious Nuggets. Turns out Scott McKillop was among the cuts yesterday, which sucks because I quite liked him as a 49er (I have a thing for TED linebackers, it seems). Beyond that, none of the names really surprised me. Also, we had a Frank Gore extension yesterday, so I picked a good day to check in. Let's get to your linkage, enjoy chillllldren!

That's right, if you hadn't heard: the 49ers and Frank Gore reached an agreement on a three-year extension. This means that he's locked up here for four more years, counting this one. I think it's a good deal, personally - I know some numbers still need to come out, but Gore is Gore. He deserves it. (

Wide receiver Michael Crabtree practiced with the team for the first time in what seems like forever. He put on the number fifteen jersey and went to work - though he was still limited in practice at this point. Still, he's been removed from the physically unable-to-perform list and that's a step in the right direction. Still, he's slated to miss his third straight preseason. (

Scott McKillop was among the roster cuts today, drawing my surprise, but only for a moment. It's somewhat naive to assume he'd be back to full strength after that ACL injury - I actually had assumed he wouldn't even have been healthy to practice at this point, but maybe I'm just a little crazy. (

Branch also takes a look at the other cuts and what they are/were about. The cutting of Kevin Jurovich so early certainly is surprising. I was wary of his hype this offseason, either way. (

The NFL's security chief responded to the shootings from the Raiders game in week two. This is somewhat old news, but worth going over again. Personally, I don't think anything in particular needs to change about security. It was gang violence and it was absolute stupidity. But of course, in week three, they stepped things up, and I was thoroughly harassed at the Texans game. So that wasn't fun. "Leave it alone", is my advice to the NFL - I really have to laugh at the suggestion that a sign talking about about fan conduct should be present. Because yeah ... that must be the problem, the shooters didn't know they weren't allowed to shoot people at Candlestick. (

Here's even more on the roster cuts, and also a bit about receiver Braylon Edwards. It's still up in the air in regards to potential disciplinary action, but he's in the clear as of now. (

There was no Vernon Davis at 49ers practice yesterday - so naturally, Delanie Walker ste-- oh nevermind. Jim Harbaugh stepped in and played a spot of tight end. Of course. Why not? (

Music City Miracles speculated on what Gore's deal could mean for the Titans' talks with Chris Johnson. The verdict? They probably have no bearing on them whatsoever. (

The offensive line is unhappy with its play all-around ... they're vowing that they'll get better. I know this sounds bad, but I'm not going to hold my breath. They were just so bad against the Saints, and abysmal against the Texans. I think Alex Smith is in for a bumpy ride in 2011. Par the course. (

Ahahahahahahahaha ... hahahaha ... hah. This piece ACTUALLY asks if NFL fans could survive without beer? No. We could not. (

San Francisco 49ers 2011 Season Preview (

In Search Of Six (

Wow. This isn't related to the 49ers, other than the fact that he got hurt while playing them, but I have to link to the bits about Arian Foster's tweets to folks who were telling him to get better ... so it doesn't impact their fantasy football chances. Yikes. (

Again - unrelated to the 49ers, but this bit about Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos and the Miami Dolphins cracked me up. (

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