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49ers Offense: Skill Position Players Playing Possum While Offensive Line Struggles?

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49ers wide receiver Braylon Edwards spoke with the media yesterday in the locker room and discussed a variety of topics including his knowledge of the offense, his work with Alex Smith outside of practice, and how Crabtree has looked in his limited time off the PUP list. You can view the entire Q&A after the jump (thanks to Drew for pointing out the CSN video), or you can check out the transcript, put together by Grant Cohn.

Edwards had some interesting comments starting around the 1:30 mark about the 49ers offense after he was asked about how it might improve once the regular season gets here. He mentioned how Vernon Davis and Frank Gore haven't seen a ton of action in the preseason, it's been a condensed camp and of course they'll be getting back Michael Crabtree. In putting that all together, Edwards thinks the offense could actually be quite explosive.

It's fantastic to put together so many offensive weapons at once, but if the offensive line can't provide more than two Mississippis before the quarterback is bulldozed into the ground, how much does it matter? I realize this could revolve back to another Alex Smith debate, but let's try and focus on the offensive line in this post. When a quarterback has two seconds to scan the field and throw the ball, no matter the situation, few quarterbacks will succeed.

It does appear that Jonathan Goodwin has either earned the full time starting center job, or is in a position to solidify it on Thursday as he will be starting against the Chargers. If the team can figure out exactly the players they want, can we get even stability at this point?

Braylon Edwards Q&A