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Frank Gore Contract Extension: Who's Next?

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The San Francisco 49ers took care of a big piece of business today as they officially inked Frank Gore to a three year contract extension that keeps him in town through 2014 (pending future performance, of course). Now that Gore has put pen to paper, Trent Baalke and Paraag Marathe will eventually be looking to the rest of the roster.

Whatever you think of the 49ers free agency or draft strategy, the team has shown a willingness to take care of their own. They inked three cornerstones of the team in Gore, Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis. They've also shown a willingness to roll the dice with modest extensions for Parys Haralson, Ahmad Brooks and others. And of course, they gave Joe Staley a sizable extension, although financially it's quite reasonable.

The question now is who is next in line for a contract extension. AB83Rules put together a quick rundown of the 49ers signed through at least 2013, and also provided a brief list of free agents after this season. You can check out more of his work at Niner Cap Hell. He's been kind enough to provide some details via FanPosts and will hopefully be making a few more contributions in the near future.

The 49ers have a host of players coming up for contracts after this season. Among others, that list includes:

Braylon Edwards
Carlos Rogers
Alex Smith
Josh Morgan
Reggie Smith
Chilo Rachal
Ahmad Brooks
Madieu Williams
Dashon Goldson

This is not an all-inclusive list. For example, Alex Boone's contract technically expires after this season, but he is an exclusive rights free agent. That is a player with less than three accrued seasons. They'll have to tender him, but it's fairly easy to keep an exclusive rights free agent. You can view a more thorough list at Niner Cap Hell

The 49ers have a host of players they've signed to one year contracts, or in the case of Alex Smith, restructured into a one year deal. For most of the guys coming up for free agency after 2011, it's difficult to justify an extension now unless the team simply wants to roll the dice now while they can potentially get a decent deal for them. 

Is there anybody you think the team should be trying to extend now no matter what? Or is it time to take a step back and see what the first few weeks of the season offer?