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NFL Films Analyst Greg Cosell Rates WR's: Two 49ers On List

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Nobody who isn't employed by an NFL team watches more coach's film than Greg Cosell. After all, he's worked for NFL Films since 1979 and hosted the show "NFL Matchup" since 1984. Needless to say, when he speaks, most people listen.

Cosell recently wrote this fantastic article on how to evaluate the wide receiver (WR) position in the NFL. In the piece he breaks down what a WR must do well in order to be successful, including: splits, ground-control, stems, body-control, etc. It's a great look into other things too, such as "can a QB make a WR look elite?".

Perhaps the most interesting part of the article though is Cosell's rating system at the bottom. He uses several criterion such as: Speed, Hands, Red Zone Effectiveness, etc. Based on each individual rating, there is a total assigned to each player.

You might be surprised to see where two 49ers are on this list, and above whom they rank. After the jump, I'll show you who they are and how they fared.

As we get into the discussion of bringing in other WR's for visits and possibly signing them, most notably Malcom Floyd and Braylon Edwards, I thought it was interesting to see where our own 49ers WR's rank compared to these guys and others. Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan both appear on Cosell's list...and where they rank is interesting. See below:

20. Malcom Floyd
38. Michael Crabtree
42. Braylon Edwards
54. Josh Morgan

I guess I was surprised to see our guys rank higher than some decent WR's. Granted Crabtree is only ranked #38, but that puts him higher than several players who are quality starters in the league. Floyd being ranked so highly makes me really hope the 49ers get him to sign, although we're looking like the dark-horse at this point.

For the complete list, either click the link to Cosell's article above, or click here for a sortable spreadsheet.