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Adam Schefter Reports Taylor Mays Is On The Trading Block

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According to Adam Schefter, the 49ers sent out a mass email to teams today saying that Taylor Mays is available via trade. San Francisco signed Madieu Williams this week, but he appeared to be a replacement for free agent Dashon Goldson. This new scenario throws everything up in the air. 

It does seem a little odd that a team would send out a mass email announcing that a player is on the trade block, however, this does happen around the NFL. What is different is the fact that this specific email was made public

Reggie Smith has had a strong camp to date and there hasn't been much news in regards to Taylor Mays. Over the weekend it was noted that CJ Spillman was running with the 1st team over Mays. 

I am not sure what San Francisco could get for the talented young safety, but this mass email being made public could limit what they would receive in a trade.

This could also be a signal that Dashon Goldson will be back in a San Francisco 49ers uniform in 2011. Another possibility, although unlikely, is that the 49ers release Mays outright.

He was a 2nd round pick of the 49ers in the 2010 draft and has shown the athletic ability to be a standout safety in the NFL, however, Mays has yet to put it together completely on the field.

Your thoughts?