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Schefter: Donte Whitner Signs With 49ers Amidst Taylor Mays Trade Talk

Apparently if I step away from my computer for more than ten minutes, all hell breaks loose. I think Vince Lombardi said it best:

Adam Schefter just tweeted that after reports of Cincinnati signing Buffalo safety Donte Whitner, it turns out the 49ers have signed Whitner to a three year deal worth $11.75 million, with $4 million in guaranteed money. This comes amidst talk of Taylor Mays being shopped to the rest of the league via email. Oh and then there's the Dashon Goldson saga as he has yet to find a team.

The Whitner signing, combined with the addition of Madieu Williams certainly raises the stakes for Dashon Goldson and Taylor Mays' collective futures. Reggie Smith is reportedly having a good camp and the addition of Whitner to a three year deal makes me wonder what this means for the rest of the safeties. The 49ers are loading up on safeties and one has to wonder what exactly the strategy is at this point.

The Vince Lombardi quote works, but maybe it's time to go back to Kevin Bacon in Animal House.