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49ers Safety Position: A Brief Look At Donte Whitner And Company

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The addition of Donte Whitner, combined with the email surrounding Taylor Mays and Dashon Goldson's fairwell email would seem to indicate the starting safeties will consist of some combination of Donte Whitner, Reggie Smith, and Madieu Williams. As it currently stands, most projections likely have Whitner starting at strong safety and Smith starting at free safety. Whitner's strength seems to be in run support, while Smith has been a bit of a ball hawk in training camp thus far.

The question is how the depth chart plays out behind those two. Madieu Williams struggled in Minnesota this past year but does still have some upside. CJ Spillman might have developed into a coaching staff favorite, although given that he only appeared in one practice, it has to have been something they saw on film from last year.

The real question is what will happen with Taylor Mays. The team sent out this email offering him up, but until he's dealt he is still a member of the 49ers. Tre had a great tweet about Mays: Will he pout about this or will he step up his game?

The next week will be telling particularly heading into the preseason opener a week from tomorrow. If Mays is still around, his level of playing time will be very interesting to track against the Saints. Maybe he gets a chance to prove himself and if he can't do it, maybe he very well gets cut in the final roster cutdown. I'm not saying they'll up and cut a second year second round pick, but given how insane the last few days have been, who knows what they'll decide to do.