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Braylon Edwards To The 49ers: Moving Past The Fork Fight And On To The Depth Chart

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Amidst all the discussion about Braylon Edwards leading up to the 49ers signing, off-the-field concerns have cropped up. I'd prefer to focus on only the on-field stuff, but it's going to crop up, so I figure I'll post about it now and then we can hopefully move on. The most recent issue involved a fight between some friends of his and others at a bar in Birmingham, Michigan. Although there will always be a guilt-by-association factor, police have indicated he was not involved. Whatever anybody wants to say about choice of friends, let's just hope he can a positive force moving forward and just leave it at that for now.

His addition to the team can't be particularly good news for guys like Dominique Zeigler, Kevin Jurovich, and maybe even Ted Ginn Jr. While everybody is competing, I'd argue these guys are close to locks to make the 53-man roster:

Michael Crabtree
Braylon Edwards
Josh Morgan
Kyle Williams
Ronald Johnson

I only included five wide receivers on yesterday's 53-man roster projection, but given the chance to open up the offense, maybe they go with six? Or do you just work with five and your tight ends? Whatever the case, Ted Ginn might have been pushed a bit more firmly onto the roster bubble with the addition of Braylon Edwards.