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Caption This: On Jim Harbaugh

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Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Jim Harbaugh is quickly becoming a mythical figure among 49ers fans. For some of us, he's actually replacing many of the figures from the old myths. And while that's awesome and all, he's kind of ruining them. I happened to look at a few of them just to see what was up and... criminy.

  • Jim Harbaugh flew too close to the sun, his wings held up fine, and he came away with a nice, golden tan.
  • Jim Harbaugh was given the ability to turn everything he touched into gold, and his kingdom enjoyed a great period of economic growth.
  • Jim Harbaugh got into a little musical competition with Apollo. Apollo was impressed and they jammed for a while.
  • Jim Harbaugh pushed a rock up a hill, and over the hill.
  • Jim Harbaugh was happily married to Hera. And Hera was also Jim Harbaugh. That one got a little weird.

I mean, it's just no fun anymore. I want my old myths back.

All of that is sort of beside the point. The point itself: Here's a photo of Jim Harbaugh for the Caption This. I'm also trying to break the record for the number of times the name Jim Harbaugh is used in a single post.

As usual, use the comments to provide the funniest captions you can think of, and rec' any that get you to laugh. Last week, Arkie49er ran away with the rec' prize.