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Braylon Edwards Contract Requires Some Big Numbers

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Matt Maiocco just tweeted out some details about Braylon Edwards 2011 contract and for a one year deal it's fairly interesting. According to MM, Edwards has a $1 million base salary that is not guaranteed. He can earn the full $3.5 million if he catches 90 passes and earns a trip to the Pro Bowl.

It's worth noting that the last time a 49ers receiver caught 90+ passes was when Terrell Owens hauled in 100 in 2002. Since then, the highs are Eric Johnson with 82 in 2004, TO with 80 in 2003, and Vernon Davis with 78 in 2009. Can Braylon Edwards reach those kinds of numbers between in the new offense?

His career high in receptions is 80 with the Browns in 2007. That season saw a monster year from Derek Anderson and Edwards didn't even have the highest receptions total. That honor was reserved for Kellen Winslow who had 82 receptions. However, Edwards led the team with 1,289 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns.

In the current 49ers offense, Edwards has said he's in town to make some noise. The question is whether the noise will be heard over the rest of the offense? Suddenly this offense is looking at a host of potentially dynamic playmakers from Edwards to Vernon Davis to Frank Gore to Michael Crabtree. The pressure is off any one weapon, which might very well mean strong performances abound. Of course, as with everything related to the 49ers it comes back to Alex Smith. It seems like it always comes back to that.